Our Mission Statement

The mission of MCS is to assist disadvantaged individuals make an educational and financial recovery, achieving self-sufficiency and freedom from poverty through education, training, and job placement.

The objective of this program addresses the mission of MCS. Our agency’s long participation in training, education, and employment programs allow us unique insight into what is most effective for poverty abatement. Anti-poverty programs end with participants gaining employment-any employment. MCS believes that by creating a realistic career path, with realistic goals, taking into consideration barriers and family obligations, poverty can be alleviated. The objective is to assist disadvantaged and marginally employed people gain family sustaining employment, complimented with strategies to become self-supporting and out of poverty.

MCS and Roder, Inc. have developed an educational blueprint for success not only employment but also the ability to create their own economy through self-employment. Our goal is to help enhance all aspects of employment and life management. Our GED classes fill the educational gaps to prepare people for successful training. Throughout our program participants are provided information designed to reach their financial goals, including money management, savings and checking accounts, and budgeting. MCS historically has created programs addressing the participants and their families.